• Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.
    -Steve Jobs, Former Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO Apple Inc.


Introducing blocklink GmbH

blocklink GmbH was founded on September 27, 2017 as an independent company with the aim of making the potential of blockchain technology generally accessible. Blockchain consulting and the development of blockchain based solutions for B2B partners form the core of our business. We develop, maintain and monitor our own products and web applications related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In addition to our blockchain based products and services, we offer IT-Security consulting, customized solutions and Secure Token Offering (STO)/Smart Contract development.

Our Portfolio


Blockchain - IT-Security - Secure Token Offering

Blockchain Solution

IoT - Smart Contract Development - Smart Administration

Payment Solution

Distributed Ledger - Cryptocurrency - Compliance

Custom Solution

Desktop Solution - Web Solution - Mobile Solution

Our Vision

Make the potential of blockchain generally accessible.
The introduction of a new technology is always associated with uncertainty and precariousness. Eliminating those is our goal as a blockchain consulting company. We are convinced that the blockchain plays an increasingly important role in our economy. Its advantages are already visible in payment clearance speed, and efficiency. Further, it will promote efficient contract processing in ecosystems that are currently advancing. Therefore, we provide custom solutions to this vibrant ecosystem. Our goal is for everyone to benefit from the advantages of the blockchain and to benefit from the ongoing digitalization process. As a competent partner in this field, we do offer permanent support and assistance to ensure that your company stays competitive, secure, and effective. Get in touch with us and let us ignite the potential of blockchain technology together.
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