• Optimize your business with the power of blockchain technology.

    Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize entire industries and
    existing business processes in terms of efficiency and security. With the help
    of blocklink AG you can participate in the revolution.

  • Protect your business against IT-Security risks.
    blocklink AG, your IT-security specialist, helps you maintain your business
    operations through solid protection of your Information and Communications
  • Raise your funds through Secure Token Offering.
    Release your own cryptocurrency to raise funds for development and expansion
    fastly and easily. As STO specialists, we help you create and sell your STO tokens to
    successfully finance your projects.
  • Unleash the power of your business with blockchain software solutions.
    blocklink AG develops blockchain software solutions that take your company to
    the next level.
  • Expand and optimize your payment options with blockchain.
    Being secure, transparent and cost-efficient, the blockchain optimizes existing
    payment processes and enables new payment options.
  • Improve your company performance with customized digital solutions.
    Benefit from customized software, web and app solutions that adapt to your
    existing infrastructure.

Our Services

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Blockchain Consulting/Solutions

Blockchain technology and its great advantages have the potential to revolutionize existing processes and procedures both in companies and entire industrial sectors. Since it is tamper-proof, transparent and highly efficient, it can process and store sensitive data and information. In addition, previous processes and procedures can be optimized and automated with the help of the blockchain, which leads to a reduction in operational costs. Due to its cryptographically secured and decentralized nature, the blockchain can protect your data against unauthorized access.

As blockchain experts, we develop products and web applications around blockchain and cryptocurrencies and with our blockchain modular system, we can build many solutions for your purposes like self-executing digital contracts (Smart Contracts), customized Secure Token Offering (STO) contracts, customized token contracts e.g. for time tracking and license management, payment solutions, or ensuring the integrity of important business documents. All blockchain solutions to be developed for your purposes are based on your business logic and algorithmic requirements. Benefit from your customized blockchain solution that takes your company to the next level.

IT-Security Consulting


Due to the increase in digitalization, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have become more and more important in the day-to-day business of companies. They help in optimizing workflows and business processes and improve a company’s long-term competitiveness. Effectiveness and automation are the keys to success. Prerequisite for this is a smooth integration of the entire ICT infrastructure. It must be consolidated, optimized and, most importantly, protected against security risks by eliminating vulnerabilities. Security risks can arise from unauthorized access to data and to the company network from both internal and external sources. In addition, hardware failures provide a large threat to unprepared businesses.

Secure Token Offering (STO) Development

An Secure Token Offering (STO) is a new and attractive way to raise your funds for projects or companies without losing shares. It is a crowdfunding event in which a company sells its own cryptocurrency through self-executing digital contracts (Smart Contracts) in order to receive funds for development and expansion. It can be compared to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). A customer who believes in the idea or product invests (most of the time) bitcoin or ethereum and receives the company’s cryptocurrency in the anticipation that the value will increase. This fundraising opportunity provides many benefits, both to the investor and the company. First, it is much easier and efficient to host an STO than an IPO. Second, the possible return on investment is much higher than with traditional IPOs. Third, the company does not lose company shares by vending his own cryptocurrency to investors.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts and the increasing power of blockchain have the potential to optimize your existing contract management. By using code-based agreements stored inside a blockchain, you benefit from a system that automatically checks the terms of a contract for fulfillment and automatically executes the corresponding predefined actions without intermediaries. Using Smart Contracts will accelerate and secure your daily business and will reduce your internal operating costs through automation and efficiency.

Payment Solutions

Blockchain technology and its properties of being secure, transparent and cost-efficient can also optimize existing payment processes in online trading and enable new payment alternatives such as payment using cryptocurrencies. We, therefore, offer the server-side integration of payment solutions with existing or planned web applications that can be connected to well-known e-commerce platforms such as Magento or WooCommerce. We also adapt the interfaces to your current application programming interface (API) so that payments are possible via Paypal, Micropayment, Visa, Mastercard, call2pay, sms2pay, Stripe, Micropayment, Blockchain payments, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple and more.

Custom Solutions

As digitalization progresses, companies that want to keep up with the competition must undergo a change from traditional to more cost-effective, more efficient and partly automated workflows. However, this change is often associated with problems and obstacles with regard to the introduction and integration of hardware and its software components. These often cannot be seamlessly embedded into an existing corporate structure. Individual software solutions that face the problems and obstacles and can be adapted to one's own needs help to optimize one's own business processes and ensure competitiveness towards other companies.

blocklink AG is at your disposal to optimize your business processes with individual and customized made software and will also train you to learn how to use your commissioned software quickly and effectively.

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